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The Menu


Maria gets her inspiration from the traditional Greek kitchen, the seasons and the goods each one has to offer and her memories around big family tables.

The menu changes twice a year but there are dishes of the day, depending on the ingredients she finds in the local market.

Everything she uses comes from small producers all over Greece making your experience a journey through taste.

Wine/ Beer

Our small wine list is focused on the Greek terroir and the best small Greek winemakers.
Our beers are also Greek craft beers from small breweries.


– Beetroot, goatcheese, almonds, Fiala Evoo 12€

– Cauliflower sous vide, green apple cream 11€

– Green salad with iceberg, valerian, tahini, orange dressing,
caramelized hazelnuts, cranberries 13€

– Pumpkin, spinach, kyano blue cheese, raisin,
pumkin seeds, pink grapefruit 13€


– «Tacos»: Traditional olive-oil pita bread, sausage minced meat
and yogurt cream 10€

– Sauted smoked trout, bulgur, pickled fennel and tsipouro gel 12€

– Mushroom stew with onion cream 10€

– Stuffed vine leaves with minced meat and lemony sauce 9€

– Fava beans with radish and pickled strawberries 8€


– «Pastitsio» traditional pasta, minced ewe meat, mornay sauce 15€

– Pulled pork, with fasolada cream and fried chickpeas 16€

– Cretan pasta with beef ragu and local sour cream cheese 15€

– Fresh papardelle with kavourma and volaki cheese 13€

– Broccoli risotto with smoked yogurt and beurre noisette 13€

– Chicken soup: meatballs with rice and vegetables 15€


– Bitter chocolate, greek coffee syrup, lokoumi, almond pasteli 10€

– Crispy chocolate tart with traditional greek cookies and orange cream 10€

Dishes from the chefs

Alexandros Charalabopoulos and Xristos Papatheodorou

– Open pie
with greens, herb oil, feta cream and olive oil powder 11€

Traditional small pasta with lamb confit roasted cherry tomatoes and yogurt 23€

– Tsoureki2 with berries and caramelized pistachios 10€